Kitchen Protection: New Parent Baby-Proofing Tips

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As expectant parents, you are probably focused heavily on the safety of your home. One of the rooms that you need to focus on before your baby becomes mobile is the kitchen. There are many different areas of the kitchen that need to be addressed when it comes to child safety. Here are some tips to help you ensure that your kitchen is ready when your baby is big enough to start exploring.

Refrigerator Locks

There are many different child safety devices that will secure your refrigerator, from slide locks to pressure locks. Most of them simply adhere to the refrigerator with strong double-sided tape. That makes it easier to remove when your child is old enough and the lock is no longer necessary.

Cabinet And Drawer Catches

The cabinets and drawers are a little bit more complex to secure, but it can be done as well. If the drawers have wide handles with an opening, you can slide a security bar down through all of the handles and lock it in place. That means no adhesive, no screws, no brackets. You can remove it with ease when needed.

If you don't have this type of handle on your drawers, there are fixtures that you can place inside the drawer. You'll just need to push the bar down slightly to open the drawer all the way. Some of these require screws to keep them secure, while others will attach with adhesive.

Stove Shields

The stove and oven are perhaps the most serious of the safety concerns in the kitchen. Luckily, there are a number of stove safety devices that you can invest in. For example, there's a lock that you can place on the oven door so that it cannot be opened without adult fingers to release the lock.

There are shields that you can install on the front of the stovetop that serve as safety shields to keep your child from reaching the burners. These are also great for splatter shields, because they block a lot of grease splatter.

You should also invest in covers for your stove knobs. The shield will sit directly over the knobs so that they cannot be accessed unless you remove it. Another great safety device for your stove is a rack cover. These are heatproof covers that you place on the front of each of the oven racks. That way, if you accidentally touch the rack, you won't get burned.

There are a variety of stove safety devices you can invest in, so contact a company that supplies these devices, such as I Guard Fire, for more information and options.